Race, Gender, and Migration: Augmented Exclusion in the Netherlands

Augmented Exclusion in the Netherlands

  • Kirsten Samson University of Saskatchewan
Keywords: populism, far-right populism, women, feminism, Partij voor de Vrijheid


In an era of increased support for far-right populist movements, women of colour are positioned to experience increased exclusion in European politics. This paper will examine how migrant women of colour experience exclusion and oppression in the Dutch political landscape. This paper presents a case study of the Netherlands, examining the Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV). I seek to answer the question: how do women of colour who have migrated to the Netherlands experience augmented levels of exclusion as compared to migrant men of colour, and can Dutch feminist discourse mitigate high levels of exclusion? The paper finds that far-right populism in the Netherlands excludes and oppresses women of colour, preventing these women from attaining inclusion and equality.