Digital Divide: Effects on Distribution of Wealth and Resources and Climate Change

  • Ian Magnus Granit Griffith University
Keywords: digital divide, inequality, economic inequality, climate change, social issues, digital technology


The usage of digital technology has increased rapidly among all countries around the world. However, access to digital technology is not equal within or between countries, which is commonly referred to as the digital divide. This paper aims to answer the question of how the usage of digital technology has impacted the distribution of wealth and resources and climate change, and how economic inequality affects the natural environment. The usage of digital technology is differentiated between developing and developed countries due to their general differences in digital implementation. Findings include that digital technology has increased both inequalities, and thus the distribution of wealth and resources, which has adverse effects on the natural environment. In addition, findings include that inequality and climate change further exacerbates each other. This article is based on literature that examines inequality, climate change, digital technology, and the ways these seemingly different concepts affect each other. A literature review of the existing academic publications on the diverse set of topics is used as a methodological tool for this paper.