Call for Papers

The theme for the 2019 issue is Disruptive Politics which evaluates the transformations of all aspects of the political and social world. We invite submissions addressing topics including, but not limited to, activism and social movements; conflict; youths’ politics; challenges to democracy; populism; migration; security and surveillance; justice and accountability; as well as technology and media politics. These topics engage with a diverse set of questions, such as the following:


  • How do social movements create and respond to political disruption?
  • How does the lack of political engagement challenge democracy?
  • How do changing technologies shape legal and political orders?
  • How does the spread of misinformation disrupt governments and societies?
  • What are the ethical dimensions of political disruption?
  • How does surveillance and security in society instigate political disruption?
  • How do conflicts influence national imaginaries?
  • What role does the internet play as a source of political disruption?
  • How does environmental degradation create disruption?
  • How does the meaning of disruption change across intersectional identities?


The submission deadline is February 24, 2019. Interested authors should submit their manuscript via the journal’s homepage: