Call for Papers

The theme for the 2018 issue is Contemporary Political Challenges. This theme includes but is not limited to papers on populism, activism and social movements, political conflict, youth politics, challenges to democracy, as well as technology and media politics.  We welcome submissions discussing contemporary political challenges which engage with research questions such as:

  • What are the current challenges to social movement organization and mobilization?
  • How has the rise of new social movements challenged the political landscape?
  • How do intersecting identities such as class or ethnicity challenge political mobilization?
  • What institutional structures challenge state-building?
  • How does the lack of youth political engagement challenge democracy?
  • What ethical issues challenge the governance of emerging technology?
  • How do changing technologies challenge the legal and political order?
  • How does fake news challenge governments and the media?  
  • How has populism challenged political communication?
  • How have emerging technologies challenged the stability of authoritarian governments?
  • Or any other questions that fit the theme of the issue.

The submission deadline is March 4, 2018. Interested authors should submit their manuscript via the submissions page.

All submissions must conform with the journal’s submission guidelines. Submissions will undergo a blind peer review. The submissions which are retained by the UJPPS will be sent back to authors for revisions and once finalized, will be published in the 2018 issue of the journal.

All submissions will be entered for the UJPPS Article of the year award. The author of the winning article will be awarded a $100 cash prize.

Questions pertaining to this call for papers should be directed to the UJPPS editorial team at